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Plex Will Stream Ad-Supported, Free Warner Bros. TV Shows And Movies

While Plex majorly aims on letting consumers to set up a streaming server for their personal media files, the firm has also gambled into other functions such as podcasts, live TV, and integration with other streaming platforms. Their newest decision will include an on-demand library of ad-based TV series and movies from Warner Bros.

Streaming solely to US consumers, Plex will launch out the content later in 2019. There is no programming arrangement yet, so we do not know if consumers will be treated to Warner’s collection of classics, present TV and movies, or some mixture of the two. One detail that Plex did make clear is that the content will be without any cost; you will not need to be a premium user of the platform.

The Warner Bros. TV shows and movies will possibly be just the starting of Plex’s ad-based content, as the firm aims on operating with extra media partners to extend its list. So while the primary draw of the application will still be the capability of streaming a personal media library, it might ultimately become a central app for on-demand content all over its networks.

On a related note, there’s HBO Now, HBO Go, and shortly, there will be HBO Max. For AT&T and WarnerMedia, the latter is most essential, as it will turn out to be the subscription video platform that they place in opposition to Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and a series of other paid video services.

“Inspired by and anchored with the legacy of HBO’s award-winning storytelling and superiority, the new platform will be ‘Maximized’ with a widespread series of exclusive original shows (Max Originals) and the best-of-the-best from the vast portfolio by WarnerMedia for beloved libraries and brands,” the firm claimed to the media. So you will get all the stuff you would hope from having HBO in addition to a large serving of content from essentially every other property by WarnerMedia.

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