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You’ll Soon Be Able To Play Local Multiplayer Games Through Steam

You'll Soon Be Able To Play Local Multiplayer Games Through Steam

A new feature called “Remote Play Together” is expected to be released by Steam, which will allow gamers to play local multiplayer games online “as if they were there in the same room.” PC Gamer was the first to report on the new feature, which was announced by Valve on the Steamworks website. The beta version of the new feature is scheduled to be released on the week of October 21st.

As a result of the new Remote Play Together, more individuals can play local multiplayer games even if they don’t have someone nearby to play with them. According to the Steamworks website for the new feature, it will automatically work for “all local multiplayer, split-screen, and local co-op games,” implying that developers won’t have to do much or any effort to make their games compatible.

According to Valve’s Alden Kroll, who confirmed the new feature’s existence, Remote Play Together works by broadcasting the host’s screen to another player. The second player’s input is then captured and sent back to the game running on the host device. It will be possible to play local multiplayer games with pals via the Internet as if they were in the same room, thanks to Remote Play Together,” he stated on Twitter.

Similar to Nvidia’s GameStream co-op service and Sony’s Share Play service for PS4, both of which allow gamers to play together in co-op. However, it’s a difficult feature to implement. As long as one person is playing the game at home and the other is streaming it, the former player will not have to deal with the additional latency that comes with streaming a game over the Internet.

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