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Additional Body Fat In The Body Surges The Perils Of Depression

According to research, carrying 10 Kilograms of more body fat surges the peril of depression by at least 17%. It shows that the more fat, the higher the probability of suffering from depression. This is the major conclusion of a recent study conducted by scientists from Aarhus University, Denmark. Dr. Søren Dinesen Østergaard—Study’s Author—said, “Our research also stated that the location of the fat deposition makes no difference to the menace of depression. This indicates that it is the psychological effects of being obese or overweight which causes the increased peril of depression, and not the undeviating biological effect of the fat.”

The past studies in the field have mainly used BMI (body mass index) to calculate obesity. BMI is measured exclusively on the basis of height and body weight and is thus a fair measure that does not take muscle mass and build-up into consideration. Dr. Østergaard explained that BMI is an incorrect way of measuring obesity and overweight. A number of elite athletes having a low body fat mass and a large muscle mass will have a BMI exceeding 25, which is stated as overweight as per to the common definition. The study was published in the journal Nature.

On a related note, recently, scientists discovered brown fat is good for health. Researchers at Rutgers University have found out how brown fat (brown adipose tissue) may aid in protecting against diabetes and obesity. The research explores the role of brown fat in human health and can lead to innovative medications for treating type II diabetes and obesity. People have a few grams of brown fat in areas counting the kidneys, neck, collarbone, and spinal cord. When set in motion by cool temperatures, brown fat utilizes fat and sugar from the blood to produce heat in the body.

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