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Antibiotics Like Penicillins, Tetracyclines Can Increase Colon Cancer Risk

Though antibiotics can aid in killing destructive bacteria, the drugs might surge the risk for cancer, as per to new research. The scientists from JHUSOM (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine) in the recent time carried a study to find out the link amid oral antibiotic use and colon cancers. The researchers examined the records of approximately 30,000 people from the U.K., aged amid 40–90 Years, who developed either colon or rectal cancer. They also evaluated individuals in the same age group who did not have the diseases. The study was published in the journal Gut.

The research team assembled the information related to the subjects’ antibiotic use, aiming only on tablets and pills, and split the antibiotics into the categories on the basis of drug classes, such as penicillins and tetracyclines. After observing the outcomes, the authors discovered 70% of patients having rectal and colon cancers were prescribed antibiotics, in comparison to just 68% of those who did not have cancer. The association amid antibiotic use and colon cancer was particularly evident amongst patients who had taken antibiotics for over 10 years before the diagnosis of cancer, according to the findings. The penicillins were linked with a surged peril of colon cancer in the initial and middle parts of the colon, while tetracyclines were linked with a lowered peril of rectum cancer in the last part of the bowel.

On a similar note, recently, a study stated that antibiotic use was linked with increased risk of bowel cancer. The antibiotic use—such as pills and capsules—is associated to a heightened peril of colon cancer, but a lower peril of rectal cancer, and relies to some extent, on the class and type of drug recommended, as per to a study. The research was published in the journal Gut and suggests a pattern of menace that might be linked to differences in gut microbiome (bacteria) movement along with the length of the bowel and restate the significance of judicious prescribing, stated the researchers.

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