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Astronomers Pinpoints At A Volcanically Active Exo-Moon

Io, Jupiter’s moon, is the most volcanic body in our solar system. This week, there are hints that an exo-Io (an active moon out of our solar system) might be hidden at WASP-49b (the exoplanet system). “It might be a dangerous volcanic realm with a lunar version of 55 Cancri-e and a molten lava surface,” claims Apurva Oza, “a place where Jedis get death, dangerously common to Anakin Skywalker.”

But the object that Oza and his associates define in their work appears to be even more exotic as compared to the science fiction in Star Wars: the possible exomoon might revolve around a hot huge planet, which in return might orbit its host star in not more than 3 Days. This is a scenario taking place 550 light-years away in the Lepus constellation, below the bright constellation Orion. Astronauts have not yet found a rocky moon further than our solar system and it is on the basis of contingent proof that the scientists in Bern claim that the exo-Io is present.

On a related note, astronauts have found a planet 3 times huge the mass of Jupiter that travels on an egg-shaped, long path surrounding its star. If this planet were somehow positioned into our own solar system, it might revolve to out beyond Neptune from within our asteroid belt. Other huge planets with extremely elliptical pathways have been discovered around other stars, but none of those planets were positioned at the very exterior reaches of their star systems such as this one.

“This planet is not like the worlds in our solar system, but it is also not like any other exoplanets we have found till now,” claims the first author on the new study publishing in The Astronomical Journal and a Caltech graduate student, Sarah Blunt, to the media in an interview.

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