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Apple Watch Might Receive Sleep Tracking Very Soon

The Apple Watch may comprise sleep tracking sooner as compared to what you think. Media sources state to have important info as to how the health function will operate, with word that it may be declared “as early as a coming week” during its main event. Some info is not shocking, but they recommend this is not just a throwaway inclusion.

The tech might depend completely on the watch’s heart rate, motion, and noise detection to measure the quality of your sleep. You would not require a Beddit sensor to fill in the cracks. This is not surprising (other devices have done this), but there might be a devoted Sleep app on the device apart from rest quality info in the Health application. You would get reminders to charge your watch prior to you get ready to sleep at night, a wake-up watch-only alarm (comprising vibration-only if you prefer), and you can even specify a devoted watch just for bedtime.

But the question still remains whether or not you will require new wristwear. Apple sometimes connects Watch features to a new device and may have renovated hardware on the way, but the sleep tracking as defined does not seem like it explicitly needs an update.

On a related note, the Series 4 for Apple Watch seemed to mark the end of the Edition series, but those luxurious devices may be all set to come back roaring. Media claimed that it has found animations in the beta for watchOS 6 that reference, not just the earlier speculated comeback of ceramic models for the coming Apple Watch, but a brand new titanium alternative too. It is not clear if they might be a fraction of a new Series 5 portfolio or only a cosmetic change to the current series, but Apple has historically launched new substances together with hardware changes.

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