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Arcade Coder Educates Children To Develop Games For The Entire Family

TWSU (Tech Will Save Us), the firm responsible for cool STEM kits for kids, has rolled out a new flagship item developed to get children into game design. The Arcade Coder is a 12 x 12-inch board with 144 completely controllable and programmable LED multi-colored buttons, which teaches kids aged 6 and more easy-to-learn how to design games and block coding.

It assists children get to grips with game methods such as levels, speed, and point systems, via pre-coded programs or by creating their new ones. Used through the free iOS app of Games Studio there are step-by-step animation-based tutorials and videos to complete. In addition to this, it also includes new challenges and projects that can be open eventually. Finish them all, and you will be titled a Master Game Designer.

The Arcade Coder also has a Painter Mode, which allows children to “paint” images using the LED lights and then animate the pictures with their newborn coding skills. As per TWSU, it is not developed only for kids, though—the firm needs to alter the way families spend together their time.

On a related note, most students of the US are not learning how to code in middle or elementary school. And if they are, it is expected they live in a wealthy school district. Google expects to fill up the cracks in computer science learning with Code with Google. It is a free coding program that teachers can employ to pioneer their students to the fundamentals of coding.

“Code with Google is the next action in our current promise to bridging equity gaps in the education of computer science. With the correct resources and tools, more teachers can assist their students to unlock their capability with code,” claimed Vice President of Education and University Relations at Google.

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